Carniolan sausage



Agricultural and nutritional products produced in the European Union (EU) reflect the rich diversity of European regions and their traditions. To help protect and promote products with specific characteristics linked to their geographic origin, as well as traditional products, three EU quality schemes have been developed – three different logotypes or labels governed by the European regulations:

  • Protected Designation of Origin
  • Protected Geographical Indication
  • Traditional Specialty Guaranteed

The purpose of the logos is to help consumers recognize traditional quality of agricultural products. In other words: the EU quality scheme logo ensures that the product is trustworthy. The logos confirm the authenticity of products regarding their regional origin or traditional manner of production. On the other hand, the EU quality schemes and their logos provide their producers legal protection from misuse or falsification of a product name.

GIZ Kranjska klobasa (the Association of Producers of Carniolan sausage) has started a 3-year program on the Slovenian market The Standards of EU quality schemes – trustworthy quality. The project is co-financed by the European Union and it aims at promoting the EU quality schemes and the Carniolan sausage labelled by the EU quality logo – Protected Geographical Indication.

The unique story of Carniolan sausage labelled by the Protected Geographical Indication logo and included into the EU quality schemes helps consumers recognize European quality standards. The specific production of the Carniolan sausage and the quality control ensure the EU quality scheme products their certified quality and authenticity.


The EU quality scheme Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) identifies products where at least one phase of the agricultural production must take place in the designated geographical region while the ingredients used need not necessarily come from that geographical area.   Agricultural products bearing this logo have special quality, reputation or other characteristics.


Carniolan sausage is one of the traditional Slovenian products included into the EU quality scheme and it bears the European logo Protected Geographical Indication. In 2015, the European Commission included the Carniolan sausage into the Protected Geographical Indication register and thus it joined the 1,200 protected agricultural products in the EU.

The logo on the product ensures that the Carniolan sausage is produced according to the recipe confirmed in the Specification and that it is a protected product marked by Protected Geographical Indication.


The bearer of the project of promoting the EU quality schemes and the Carniolan sausage protected by the PGI mark is the Association of the Producers of Carniolan sausage:

Gospodarsko interesno združenje proizvajalcev kranjske klobase, Dimičeva ulica 9, 1000 Ljubljana – Slovenia

(e-mail: giz.kranjskaklobasa@siol.net, phone: +386 (0)1 565 92 40).

The Association of the Producers of Carniolan sausage has been active since 2005 and it joins fifteen certified producers of this top-quality product.

The main tasks of the association include:

  • Carniolan sausage quality control,
  • advantages of Protected Geographical Indication and
  • promotion of the high-quality product.

The association has been conducting promotional activities since 2008 with the aim of broadening the recognition of the traditional Slovenian food. All the certified producers of Carniolan sausage uniformly label their product with the logo “kranjska klobasa-zašpiljeno dobra” and the EU quality logo Protected Geographic Indication.